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Hero Quest I Theme

I look after the royal horses. I'm always in need of a helper to clean my stables.

Stefan von Spielburg
I am the king of Spielburg. Baba Yaga put a curse on me. Shortly after my children disappeared and my wife died. Get rid of Baba Yaga and bring back my children. I will name you the hero of the land.

The Thief is good in burglary and sneakiness. He is the all around player of the game but can only use the dagger. He can use no Magic or Parry until you use the 50 points given to you at the start of the game.

Three Stooges
These guys look very familiar but don't stop and chat with them. Knock them down and go through the back door.

Toro the Minotaur
This big fellow gaurds the enterance to the Brigand Fort. He is half man half bull. He'll charge you if he sees you.

The Troll towers over all the other characters in HQ1. He carries a huge club and wears a beard. Unlike Fred, the Troll is totally wild.

Weapon Master
I am the Weapon Master. People say I'm very conceited. I'm a mastery at swordplay. Beat me and I will reluctantly commend you.

White Stag
The White Stag is a friend of the forest. It will take you to meet The Dryad.

The wizard is strong in the ways of magic. He is adequit in fighting but he can only use a dagger. He will need to use his 50 points for Parry, Stealth, Pick Locks, Throwing and Climbing.

Wolfgang Abenteuer
Along with Schultz, I fought creatures that were very strange. Some were the antwerp, the cheetaur and the illusive man eating Moose.

I am a jester and avid magic user. I have stood by Elsa ever since she was taken to the Brigands. I am her protector.

I am a wizard and member of the Wizard's Institute of Technorcery or WIT for short. I'm also the Magic Shop owner. I sell magic spell scrolls and buys flasks.

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