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Hero Quest I Theme

Elsa von Spielburg
Elsa was kidnapped from her castle when she was very young. Baba Yaga enchanted her. Elsa now thinks she is the Brigand Leader. You must free her from her bond.

'Enry the 8th
'Enry the 8th is a 'ermit. I'm 'Enry the 8th I am in a long line of 'ermits. I live beside the Flying Falls. Come see me to learn some magic and play Cribbage. If you aren't nice to me you will see where the Flying Falls got it's name.

Erana's Peace
Erana's Peace is an enchanted garden. It has shimering fruit on a tree that gives you back some stamina. The flowers are all sorts of colors. Pick some you'll need them. There is also a large stone in the middle of the garden. Open it and find an important spell.

I'm a very respected wizard at W.I.T. I'm a humorist that loves telling jokes. I also enjoy playing games. If you win my maze puzzle I'll give you Erasmus' Razzle Dazzle. My familiar, Fenrus, will try to upstand me every chance he gets.

We Fairies are very tiny but have great power. We like to see humans dance. Dance well and we'll give you some Fairy Dust. Don't go into our Mushroom Ring or we'll get angry and make you dance to your death.

I am Erasmus' familiar. I love eating cheese and outwitting Erasmus.

The Fighter is strong in the way of swordplay. He can't use Stealth, Pick Locks, Climbing or Magic unless you use your 50 points at the start of your game.

I will be on the blocked path. Free me and I will tell you a secret.

Fred is a Troll. He guards the secret pass to the Brigand Fort. If you tell him the password he'll let you pass unharmed.

I am one of the Baron's personal guards. I like standing on the left side of the main door to the castle.

I am a strange sort. I sit over the porch on Erasmus' house. You will have to answer my three questions before I let you in the front door. If you get even one question wrong, I'll pull on my nose and you'll be magically whisked back to the bottom of the mountain.

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