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Hero Quest I Theme

Brauggi the Snow Giant
Brauggi I am. Come no further. Food I need to feed my family. Give me some food and a reward you will recieve. A Gem that glows. Give him 50 Apples for the Glowing Gem.

I only follow orders from the Brigand Leader. I'm good at fighting. I carry a spear in one hand and a shield in the other. It will take some fancy foot work to beat me.

I stand outside the town gate tossing my dagger up and down. Give me all your money. It's a waste of your time. If you give me the thieves sign, I'll tell you where the Thieves Guild is. Don't get me mad or I'll knife you.

Brutus has a secret. He has a password that will let you pass Fred in the hidden cave. You overhear him say Hiden Goseke. Let some time pass and go fight him for a key.

The Cheetaur is a fierce beast. It has claws that will shred you to pieces. His claws are very valuable.

Chicken Hut
This Hut looks like it has chicken legs. If you tell it a rhyme it will sit and let you into Baba's house.

Chief Thief
I hate new recruites. If you prove yourself I will tolerate you. I'm also very good at Dag-Nab-It.

Crusher gaurds the way to the Thieves' Guild. Don't get him mad or you may be searching for a local Healer.

I am Zara's Familiar.

I am one with the forest. I help the forest stay alive. If you are one with the forest I will give you a special gift.

Dry Goods Owner
I sell many things. I sell Daggers, Flasks, Armor and Food Rations. I will also buy flasks. I also reads books about adventuring and dream of being a hero.

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