Welcome to my pIRCh Homepage. Here you will find great pIRCh links and pIRCh PILs.

I have just two rules.
First...GET PIRCH!!!
Second...get these PILs and enhance your chatting experience.

EXTRA!!! EXTRA!!! Get pIRCh 98 here:
PIL stands for pIRCh Interpreted Laguage. PILs can be used for official use or just for fun. Here are some PILs that have been useful to me. I hope you find them useful as well. These PILs can be used for pIRCh v0.92 and up. They are only for the Windows 95 version. The yellow background on some of my examples is the color I have my pIRCh screen set to.
3dtext.zip -- Write a 6 to 7 letter message in large characters spread over 5 lines and in color. Made by: Merlin Screen Shot | Example
asrtext.zip -- The message you type goes into a color box. The box changes colors. Example
backward.zip -- Type in your message and it comes out backwards in a rainbow of colors. Made by: PolarGeek Example
bj.zip -- Now play BlackJack in pIRCh. Unfortunatly you can only play against the computer. Made by: emonk Example
blakrain.zip -- create a colorful message on a black background. Made by: MtnMan Example
control.zip -- This is an ops toolbar. Made by: Dot & bbb ScreenShot
cooltext.zip -- This PIL will make your message look like it's been written in a hippie type font. It also colors the text. Made by: SiW Example
count.zip -- It give a count of all the ops, bots and other users in the channel you specify. Made by: eLiXiR Example
digilag.zip -- This is a lagmeter that shows how much you are lagging in a digital fashion.Made by: Macro ScreenShot
greet.zip -- It gives a random greeting in a random color when someone joins the channel. Made by: Carol Webster Example
hangman.zip -- You make up a word and others to guess letters. If the letter is in the word, the letter is filled in, if the letter is not in the word, part of hangman is drawn.Example
hearthug.zip -- This PIL will hug the nick of your choice with hearts in the colors you choose. Made by: MtnMan Example
hugmix.zip -- This PIL scambles the nick of the person you're hugging. Made by: MtnMan Example
lagmeter.zip -- This lagmeter shows how much you are lagging in bar fashion. Made by: PolarGeek ScreenShot
lagmk2.zip -- Displays Ping times in a lagmeter form. Made by: Koach Example
massgreet.zip -- This will greet everyone in a room you're in. Example
neons1a.zip -- There are 7 PILs in this zip pack. These PILs make colorful messages. Example
nickserv.zip -- If you use nickserv, this PIL wil make it easier to login with it. ScreenShot
note-e-fy.zip -- This will play a different sound for each nick in your noteify list. Made by: samis ScreenShot
otimer.zip -- This will show the curent time and date. It will also show you how long you've been on as long as it's running. Made by: eLiXiR ScreenShot
popuptv.zip -- This is a whole new way of doing popups. Instead of putting your multi-line popups in aliases you can put each of them in their own txt file. You can then access the popuptv pil and add it to it. Just unzip it into your pIRCh directory and add the PIL to your aliases. Don't worry. None of the files will overwrite any of your pIRCh files. It also comes with popups for those who don't know how to make popups that well yet. Made by: CatNinja and Jellowe Screen Shot | Example
rainnick.zip -- This puts the nick of a person in different colors. Made by: MtnMan Example
roksys.zip -- Roksys.pil is an ops control panel plus a gret multimedia player and sound getter. This pil is the equivilant of having the control.pil, uwho.pil and the pIRCh media player all in one. Click on this link or the one down below to goto the Roktech homepage to get this great PIL. Made by: Rokmann
stripes.zip -- It puts a your message in black and white inside of rainbow blocks. Example
toolbar2.zip -- This PIL displays an online timer bar at the top of your screen as well as your host , IP address etc too. It also has a lagmeter and sizeable windows. Made by: rodent ScreenShot
uwho.zip -- You will want this PIL. It does all the things your CTCPs like Ping and Version do only better. Made by: ZoneM ScreenShot
vowel.zip -- The vowels in the message you write will become either bold, special, italics or underline. Made by: Dot & bbb Example

New Look #pirchPIL pages !!!
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