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Hero Quest I Theme

I stand on the right of the castle main door. I am also one of the Baron's special guards. Don't talk about my bald spot or I'll start ignoring you.

Pteresa Pterosaur
Ptresa is the girlfriend of Pterry. She sits on in a nest outside the healer's house.

Pterry Pterosaur
Pterry is the Healer's pet pterosaur. He lives inside her house.

Purple Saurus
Near the first of the game you may see a few of these carnivorous beast. Later they are replaced with the Red Saurus.

Red Saurus
The Red Saurus is faster and stronger than the Purple Saurus. It is also faster than you.

Sam the Beggar
As my name implies, I'm a beggar. I will also give you some information if you give me some money.

Seed Spitting Spirea
Spirea sit on cliffs and pass a seed back and forth to each other. Get it and give it to the Dryad to prove your worth.

I am the keeper of the Hero's Tale Inn. I and my mate Shema come from a distant land called Shapeir.

I serve food and drink to weary travelers. I am Shameen's mate and come from Shapeir.

Sheriff Schultz Meistersson
I was once a great a great adventurer and Antwerp Slayer. Now I'm the sheriff of Spielburg. I and my Goon keep the town safe from Thieves and villains.

Slink & Sneak, The Alley Thieves
We alley thieves will rob you blind unless you give us the Thieves Sign. I'm named Sneak.We my also give you a password for Crusher to let you into the Thieves' Guild.

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