Hello I and my friends would like to welcome you to our pages. Come, sit and join us and let us tell you who we are. It may take us a few minutes to finish our stories so please get comfortable and listen to the fabulous music.

Hero Quest I Theme

Abdulla Doo
I'm a merchant who has had his goods, including a magic carpet, stolen from me by the Brigands at the pass coming into Spielburg.

Amilia Appleberry
I'm Amilia Appleberry, the healer. I can heal just about any wound. I sell Vigor, Mana, Healing and Dispel potions. I will also buy Troll Beards and Cheetaur Claws.

This strange beast takes the form of a hideous bouncing blob. Don't fight him. You won't win.

Baba Yaga
I'm Baba Yaga. I am a evil witch bent on controling the valley. I have enchanted Elsa von Spielburg and cursed the town. Only a magic mirror will help in getting the valley of Spielburg back to normal.

Butcher and Baker
The Butcher and Baker sit in the bar around the clock playing 'Go Fish!'. 'It's our favorite game,' they said recently in So You Wanted to Learn About Going Fish.

The Barber has no one's hair to cut so he just sits at the bar drinking his days away. He slurred in a brief comment in the Bar Drunk's Manual, 'Hey, every bar needs a drunk.'

Barracks Guard
All I do is lay around and tell you to go speak to Karl if you want a conversation.

I'm a Bartender by trade. I am a rough sort of fellow that sells Ale, Troll Sweat and Dragon's Breath.

Baron Barnard von Spielburg
Barnard is the son of Stefan von Spielburg. He is stuck up and has no manners. He was enchanted by a Kobold and turned into a bear. The Kobold turned him to a bear because he didn't show respect to the Kobold. 'He was to stuck up to speak,' said the Kobold while eating toadstools.

I'm the gatekeeper at Baba Yaga's house. I have a bad temper because all the other boneheads have glowing eyes and I don't. Make a deal with me for a Glowing Gem and I'll let you into Baba's house.

Boris sits behind a door with bars on it in the Thieves Guild. Give him things you've stolen around town for cash. You can also get a Thieves Toolkit to pick locks better.

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