PC & Video Game News

IGN Homepage
This is one of the best places to go to get the
top news on new pc games, video games, video
game consoles, DVDs, TV shows and other
great stories. They also have great contests.

The official Nintendo homepage.

The official Sega homepage.

Sony Playstation
The official Sony Playstation homepage.

R.I. Soft Programs

R. I. Soft Systems

A great place to download these and other screensavers:

"Hey, Macaroni" - Macaroni Dances to Macarena,
"Cupid's Valentine" - Cupid Shooting Valentines,
"Liverdance" - Livers Dance to Riverdance,
The Clinton Blues - Clinton Sings the Intern Blues,
Winter Wonderland - Covered Bridge is Snowed On,
"Ghouls Delight" - Haunted House on Blank Bcreen,
"Turkey Shoot" - Self Explainitory,
Attack of the Y2K Bug - Eats Inside of PC,
Bill's Pie Toss - Bill Gates is Hit with Pies,
Duke Nukem 3D - Duke Shoots Things with Gun,
Autumn Scenes - Leaves are Falling,
Whitehouse Mambo - Clinton Mambos with All of His Leading Ladies,
Sumo Dance - Sumo Wrestlers Dance Across Your Screen,
Conniver - Richard Hatch Sings in this Survivor Parody,
Hoover the Mischieveous Mutt - Watch the Misadventures of Hoover,
Bible Scenes - Scenes Covering 21 Stories of the Bible,
Corndog - Watch the Sinister Magic of Corndog,
Living Coral - Animated Sea Ecosystem,
Living Waterfalls - See Waterfalls from Your Desktop,
Desktop Grafitti - Historical Characters Writes Messages Their Way,
Free Tribute - We Will Not Forget, American Flag

PC Games & Console Emulators

Tetrinet 1.13
for Windows 95-XP
Tetrinet is a great internet game you can play
with five other people. Don't just play with them,
DESTROY THEM!!! Yes with Tetrinet you get the
regular Tetris play with special blocks and themes.
Use the special blocks to thwart your opponents.
If you know about Windows Plus! then you'll like
the fact that Tetrinet can use it's own themes as well.

SNES9x 1.5
for Windows 95-Vista
This Emulator will get you started on your road to
playing Super Nintendo games on your PC. It will
play most *.SMC, *.FIG, and *.SWC files. You may
also want to get the ZSNES Emulator below. It will
play most of the files that SNES9x won't play.

ZSNES 1.51
for DOS or Windows 95-Vista
This is another great Emulator. Load it through
windows just like any other program. This Emulator
will play most *.SMC, *.FIG, and *.SWC files. You
may also want to get the SNES9x Emulator below.
It will play most of the files that ZSNES won't play.

nesterJ for Windows 95-Vista
This Emulator will play the NES Console
games. It will play *.NES files.

SMY-GB 0.2
for Windows 95/98
This is a great Gameboy Emulator. It plays
Gameboy, Super Gameboy, Color Gameboy,
and Super Color Gameboy. It will play *.GB files.

Visual Boy Advance beta 3
for Windows 95-Vista
This is the best Emulator for all Gameboy games.
It plays Gameboy, Super Gameboy, Color Gameboy,
Super Color Gameboy and Gameboy Advance.
It will play *.GB files.

Dark Chaos
Come here for a few great ROMs
and Emulators for the SNES.

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