The Realm is an online multiplayer adventure. It is full of monsters, magic and fighting. You can custumize your own character. You will then be able too explore towns, forests and dungeons. You can also fight wolves, ogres, zombies and other great monsters. It is also a place where you can group up with other people from all over the world to fight monsters or you can just fight alone. You can also buy magic spells, armor and special items in the Realm.

The Realm also has chat/gossip channels where you can talk to other players in and out of character. Just don't use rude language and don't do anything else that might be cosidered rude. The Gamemasters reserve the right to revoke your gossip privledges if you are rude.

This page WILL NOT be updated anymore.

There are four types of characters you can play in Realm - The Warrior, the Adventurer, the Wizard, and the Thief.
The Warrior is the best in physical fighting but can use little magic. He can wield the heavier armor and weapons. The Adventurer is a cross between the Warrior and the Wizard. He will be able to wield most of the weapons in the Realm. He will also be able to cast magic spells although not as much as the Wizard.
The Wizard is the worst at physical fighting but is the best in casting magic. He will only be able to wield half of the armor. He will be able to use all of the spells in the Realm. The Thief is an all around character. He will be able to use some of the armor and magic in the Realm. He also has lockpicking abilities and stealing abilities. The stealing abilities are the Thieves special ability. They can steal from you at anytime but if they get caught they will be put in the Realm jail. If you are in a powerful enough normal group or group guild you can go after the thieves for bounties.

Now in the new 3.0 version you can choose between a Human, an Elf, or a Giant.
The Human is the all around character in the realm. The attributes are balanced so you can effectively use them all. The Elf is stronger in magic than in physical attributes. You can use your spells more effectively with the Elf. The Giant is most effective with physical fighting. His magic attributes will have to be worked on though.

System requirements for The Realm game:
Pentium 166
50MB Free Hard Drive Space
Windows 95/98 - (The Realm does not currently support Windows 2000 / NT)
Modem 14.4 baud or faster
SVGA video card that supports 640x480X256 and high color (16 bit color)
Internet Connection

Supported but not required:
Windows Compatible Sound Cards

Goto the Realm link at the bottom of this page to learn more about Realm and download the demo.


The old me.

The new me.
Thufir the Wizard
Welcome to Realm. Here you shall find a list of commands used in Realm.

/open opens group
/close closes group
/who who is in the Realm now
/tell or /t talk to certain Realmer; /t 'person' 'text'
/ignore or /mute stop listening to certain person; /ignore 'person'
/listen or /unmute start listening to person ignored; /listen 'person'
/busy disables all incoming /t's
/unbusy enables all incoming /t's
/gossip or /g talk in channel; /g 'text'
/nogossip disable gossip/leave channel
/yesgossip enable gossip/rejoin channel
/join Join a channal discussion; /join 'number'
/channel display channel info
/leave leave all channels
/topic check channel topic
/name check channel name
/channels /list or /list display active channels
/gms get list of game masters on Realm
/gt talk to group you join

/invite invite person to channel; /invite 'person'
/kick kick person out of channel; /kick 'person'
/private sets channel to invitation only
/public set channel to open
/topic set channel topic; /topic 'text'
/name set channel name; /name 'text'

Alt + 1
Alt + 2
Alt + 3
Alt + 4
Alt + 5
Alt + 6
Alt + 7
Alt + 8
Alt + 9
Alt + 0
Alt + -

/agree You agree wholeheartedly. /e agrees with 'person' or /e agrees 'text'
/bow You bow deeply. /e bows to 'person' or /e bows 'text'
/comfort Who do you want to comfort? /e comforts 'person'
/cry You cry. /e crys for 'person' or /e crys 'text'
/dismiss You wave everyone away. /e dismisses 'person' or /e dismisses 'text'
/eye Who do you want to eye? /e eyes 'person' or /e eyes 'text'
/frown or /fro You frown. /e frowns at 'person'
/grin You grin. /e grins at 'person'
/grimace You grimace. /e grimaces at 'person'
/hug Who do you want to hug? /e hugs 'person'
/laugh You laugh out loud! /e laughs with 'person' or /e laughs 'text'
/nod You nod your head. /e nods at 'person'
/pat Who do you pat? /e pats 'person' on the back.
/stare You stare off into space. /e stares at 'person' or /e stares at 'text'
/smile or /smi You smile. /e smiles at 'person'
/tickle Who do you want to tickle? /e tickles 'person'
/worship You worship the Realm Gods. /e worships 'person'

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