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Hero Quest I Theme

The Goblin is small and hunched over. He hoards gold and other trinkets. He's easy to defeat.

Green Meep
We are very shy but talk up a storm. Talk to me, the green meep, about green fur and a spell and you'll see what I mean.

Heinrich Pferdefedern
I used to be a great Centaur Warrior but my leg was hurt in battle. The Healer patched my leg up and now I farm. My daughter Hilde runs the Food Mart in town.

House Cat
Give this little fellow some food and he'll follow you around. You better watch out though. If yo'ure not carefull he'll follow you to your death.

Hilde Pferdefedern
I run the Farmer's Mart. I'm also the daughter of Heinrich Pferdefedern.

Karl the Gatekeeper
I'm a great gatekeeper but my mouth needs some work. I'll tell you just about anything you want to know.

I live in a dark cave guarded by an Ogre and a Bear. I will stay a sleep as long as you can stay quiet enough. I have a hidden treasure in my lair.

Little Old Lady
She just sits outside and rocks all day. Then she goes up to her room to sleep. The Thief can then try to burgle her house.

The Mantray is a flying beast with an electrifying tail. Don't let it shock you.

This ogre, although he looks slow, is very fast on his feet. He is a terror to fight. Thank goodness there's only the one.

Otto Von Goon
The Goon is loyal to the Sheriff. Don't do anything that will get the Goon mad. He will crush you. His favorite past time is playing with his yoyo.

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