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HTML Programs and Guides

Flock or FireFox
for Windows 98-VistaXP
Netscape is becoming Flock and FireFox

for Windows 3.1-Vista
Now get Archived Netscape versions:
Netscape is the last Netscape made.
6.x - 9.x for Windows 95 and higher
4.x for Windows 95 and higher

Adobe Dreamweaver CS3
for Windows 98-XP
This is a great Web Page editor.
It has a graphical and text interface.
It takes a few days to get used to but it's worth the time.

CuteFTP 8.0
for Windows 98-Vista
This FTP program will help upload and download
your web files to your website. It can also go to
other FTP sites so you can download other
programs and files as well.

HTML Goodies
This Guide probably has everything you
need to put on a web page and more.

GetRight 6.3e
for Windows 95-Vista
The greatest program to resume downloading files
in Netscape. Now supports FirFox and FlockSome web
pages don't have resume technology yet. But if you
get an error in downloading, this will resume the
file from the last bytes that was downloaded. Now you
can use skins with Get Right. Download it. Try it.
You'll love it.

for Windows 95-XP
Get Shockwave and Flash now. More sites are
starting to use Shockwave so this Plug-In is
a must have for anybody.
Updated 8/6/2008

Teleport Pro 1.56
for Windows 95-Vista
Teleport Pro is a great program for downloading
websites for offline viewing. It will download an
entire website as it was set up, view it in a
browsable way on your PC or it can download certain
aspects of sites like sounds, graphics or text.

Graphics & Animated GIFs

Clipart & Photos
This page has great clipart and
animated GIF from all over the internet.
This page has lots of links that will
take you to other Clipart sites.

CoolText Online Graphics Editor
Make your on logos and buttons here.
Believe me you won't be disapointed.

Graphic & Paint Programs

Paint Shop Pro Photo X2
for Windows XP-Vista
Make transparent graphics, great textured
fonts, and a whole lot more with this great
shareware program.

Graphic Workshop Professional 3.0a
for Windows 98-Vista

This Graphic Workshop is more like ACDSee.
It still converts just about any file including:

LViewPro 2006 x64
for Windows XP-Vista
LViewPro is a great graphic editor and painter.
Version 2.85 is a lot like Paint Shop Pro.
Over 11 years of features included.

ACDSee 10
for Windows 2000-Vista
ACDSee is a sophisticated graphic viewing
program. It can see almost all graphic file
types. It can also change the file you are
viewing into a wallpaper.

Xara 3D 6.0
for Windows 95-Vista
With Xara 3D you can make your own
titles, logos or anything else you can
think of for letters or words.

ClipCache Plus 3.1.4
for Windows XP-Vista
This is a great program to have. It's
better than the windows Clipboard.
With this program you can screen
capture as many things as you want.
And when you turn your computer
back on they will still be there.

Fonts & Font Programs

FontFinder32 5.99
for Windows 95-Vista
Now browse your fonts just
like you do with graphics.

This site has tons of fonts to choose from.

Sound Programs

GoldWave 5.25 for Windows ME-Vista
GoldWave 4.26 for Windows 95-98
or GoldWave 3.03 for Windows 3.1
GoldWave is a great download for
editing and recording files including:
It now edits MP3s as well.

MODPlug 1.91.05
& MODPlayer 1.46
for Windows 95-Vista
Get the MODPlayer to listen to Music
MODs on your computer. Get the
MODPlugin to listen to MODs on the
internet. You can also play MODs
with these extentions:
669, MED, S3M, IT, XM and others.

Real Player 11.0
for Windows 98-Vista
Get Real Player 11.

WinAMP 3 for Windows 95
WinAMP 5 for Windows 98-XP
WinAMP 5.54 for Windows 2000-Vista
WinAMP is freeware! Play MP3, MP2,
CD, MOD, WAV, MID and other audio
formats. You can also customize the
way WinAMP looks with skins.

YAMP 3.3
for Windows 95-Vista
Plays WAVs (all formats, even
compressed), MIDs, RMIs, MODs,
S3Ms, XMs, ITs, AVIs, MPAs, MP1s,
MP2s and MP3s. You can customize
the way it looks with skins.

Media Player
for Windows 95-Vista
This is one of the greatest out and it's
form Microsoft. To use version 7 and
higher you need to have Windows 98
and Internet Explorer installed. For
version 6.4 and under you don't need
Internet Explorer installed.
Now choose the version you want!

Free E-Mail Online & E-mail Programs

Eudora 7.1
for Windows 2000-Vista

Eudora 7.1 has no more tech support or
registration codes available. Eudora 8.0 is in beta.

Windows Live
Get Hotmail E-Mail Free. It is a web based E-Mail
service. It gives you 5GB of free space to save
your E-Mails. You need either Internet Explorer 5.5
or higher. You have limited use in Netscape 4.8.

Get Bigfoot E-Mail Free. This can replace
multiple E-Mail addresses and send your
mail to you through 1 address.

File Compression Programs

WinZip 11.2
for Windows 2000-Vista
WinZip is great for unzipping files. It puts the
files in thier own directories. It can also zip.

PK Zip 8.0
for Windows 98-Vista
PK Zip is a great program for
zipping and extracting files.


ZDNet Downloads
ZDNet Downloads is the best place to go to find
programs, desktop themes, skins and more

Webshots 5
for Windows 98-Vista
This is probably the best desktop wallpaper program on
the net. Great Photos, easy downloading and adding new
backgrounds is what Webshots is all about. Download
this program and you'll have a great time searching
their huge database of photos.

Go here click on the region closest to you. You will then
be transported to the NoNags download area. Here you
can download programs without nag screens. Get HTML
Editors, graphic viewers, Windows 95 Desktop Themes
for Plus! and more.

WinSite Archives
This is the Planet's Largest
Software Archive for Windows.

CNet Downloads
This is a place to find 32bit Shareware, Drivers,
Tips, Info and more. It's like ZDNet Downloads.

Search Engines









Internet Movie DataBase


Image Searcher

Fan Sites

This site is a great site to
search for any entertainer
you can think of.

Chat Programs

Pirch Downloads
Get pIRCh 32bit and earlier
versions. for Windows 95-Vista.
No longer updated.

mIRC Home Page
Get mIRC v6.34 available Worldwide
for Windows 95-Vista.

ICQ Home Page
Download ICQ 6. You need:
Windows XP-Vista, IE6 and above
Flash 7 and above, 256MB RAM

AOLIM Home Page
Download AOL Instant Messenger
for Windows 2000-Vista

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